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We all struggle sometimes with our minds. I did this morning when awoken at 4.45am to go for a workout at the new CP Coast gym. I tried to find reasons to drift back to sleep. But half an hour later having arrived at the club I became inspired after seeing my son had also arrived early and was already furiously exercising. ‘Wow. I need to get with it’ I thought. And my competitive spirit led me to have a vigorous and satisfying hour’s session.


Looking back over the years with my passion as a gym-junkie, I must have had easily over 14,000 workouts. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why doesn’t he look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?’


In my twenties a handful of those workouts occurred having not had any sleep. Some happened when I had forgotten my exercise clothing, so I did it anyway in a suit. There were gym-visits amid traumatic times, in other countries and when stress levels were high. But do you know the secret? I have never ever had a gym workout that I regretted. And I have never ever left the gym feeling worse than when I entered. Always better!


Think back. Did you ever feel more stressed, less awake and less relaxed when you completed your workout? Of course not. Common sense and your own statistics can remind you that a workout ALWAYS makes you feel good. Yes you might feel tired and sluggish right now, but there is every reason to believe that, after you have made the effort, you will ALWAYS be glad you did.


So next time your mind struggles with the notion of making an excuse remember the rewards, press-on, move ahead. You have every reason to EXPECT THE BEST.


Photo; Coast Club Transformers are highly motivated with Jason in the lead- OCTOBER 2018




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