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Fail forward this year


Do not be afraid of failure. Our world has large numbers of people who are too scared to take a risk, to try something new. Yet, that is where the growth happens. I’ve just returned from introducing myself and Tina to a number of Coast Plaza retailers. And if you know the area, you’ll probably know that they would love to be a little busier. When chatting with them we offered the opportunity, at no cost, to have Club Physical feature them on social media as some of the beautiful people in the area. While half agreed and had their photos taken with us, the other half, including the business owners, said that they would need to ask for their partners opinions first, or were afraid that they might not look good in a photo.

This is just a small example of how we can limit ourselves. Failure is one of the principles of gaining physical strength. We lift until we fail to lift anymore. That’s where growth happens. We run until we can’t run anymore, that is where increased fitness happens. We bend until we can’t bend any more. That is where greater flexibility happens. Successful people succeed because they are willing to ‘take a shot’. They are not afraid to fail a lot. I learned early on in business to keep trying different ideas. Try TEN ideas and three of them might be a success. Whereas the cautious person, unwilling to give things a try would not be able to enjoy those three successes.

The thing that you worry most about will statistically never happen. Don’t live with regret this year. Increase your level of excitement and achievement, BE THE CHANGE and give things a go!



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