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Fear vs Hope

Last week our wonderful Club Physical Team completed ‘Wellness Calls’ to a whopping one thousand and forty-five members. While many were positive, a proportion expressed their FEAR of the present. Similarly, an industry insider spoke to many fitness business leaders this week, some who could barely speak, overwhelmed by anxiety and emotion.

This would normally be unimaginable with such a dynamic and uplifting occupation. Fear can be debilitating. Fear seeks to limit our faith and our ‘hope’. Fear, according to Michelle Hall of the CP Wellness Team, leads to stress that interferes with your digestion, reduces calorie-burning, and disrupts weight-management. Dr. Susanna Every-Palmer of the University of Otago found that one-third under lockdown were experiencing moderate to severe psychological stress.

Famed psychologist Victor Frankl – Holocaust survivor, credits the fact that while his freedom was taken in the prisoner of war camp, the one thing he did have total control over was his ‘attitude’. To combat fear and anxiety we each need to foster an attitude of positivity and HOPE. Hope itself doesn’t stop the storms of life, but it helps you to get to the other side. Let’s work on that HOPE and positive attitude today!


Pic: Chloe and Paul took an X45 class on Orewa Beach this week – the next is this Wednesday at 7.30 am

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