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First, Believe You Can

Victory, to a large degree, is first won in your mind. You might have friends or relatives who pooh-pooh New Year’s Resolutions. And that’s OK. Life would be boring if we were all the same. Yet there are those who do utilize the opportunity to set yet another goal.

You must admit that you are more likely to achieve a desired change if you do set a goal, rather than have no deliberate goals at all. Watching the famous UFC fighter – Conner McGregor’s documentary this week, it became obvious that his own victories are first won in his own mind, then repeated to all those around him. “I will knock him out in the first round” was a typical pronouncement. It often came true. His fitness and physical preparation were part of his strategy.

Those who achieve goals tend to possess a highly positive attitude. This is something you’re not born with but an attribute you work on daily. A positive attitude is deliberate.

When now famed US Navy Seal David Goggins hears the excuse ‘I don’t have time to train’ he can dispel that myth by sharing a typical day in his own life.

“When I was a full-time Seal, I’d be out the door for my run just after 4 am while my wife was still asleep. Then back by 5.15 am. I rode my bike the 40 Kilometres to work which started at 7.30 am. I’d eat at my desk. Then at lunchtime, I’d either hit the gym or do a 10 Kilometre beach run. Later I’d be home for dinner by 7 pm after again having ridden the 40 kilometres home. Then in bed by 10 pm.”

Did you say that you don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and that you don’t have time for a 30–60-minute daily workout?

How much do you want to improve your health and fitness?

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