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First, your foundation


Most things that are worthwhile in life go better after you have made the effort to build a solid foundation. Indeed, we first learned as kids that the little pig who built his house on rock, survived the floods to come.

In the Asian culture, one first builds a relationship of ‘trust’ before business is later done.  And of course, if you don’t build a solid foundation for your house, you risk seeing it sag, sink and warp over time like a turn of the century Kingsland house.

Today I visited an old friend in Orewa who had rarely taken the time to exercise. Now, planted firmly in the depth of his Lazy-Boy chair, having suffered a heart attack not long before, he winced when I made the suggestion that some ‘walking’ could get him back on the road. Peering down at him I knew that the length of his days were in severe jeopardy …………limited and sabotaged by his own ‘thinking’.

Everything you experience in life, every friendship, your education, your mental sharpness, the time with your family, your effectiveness at sport and at work is affected by your health.

Life can be so much fuller when you take the time and make the effort to build that solid foundation of fitness, agility and strength. Just as reading an inspirational passage can be a great foundation at the beginning of the day, your daily workout will increase your life and that’s priceless. Build that foundation today, live LIFE and LOVE it!

Here Professor of Harvard, Frances Frei speaks about building a foundation of trust 


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