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Forget the scales this year. Here’s eighteen ways to appreciate your New Year’s progress.


During our time of running Club Physical we’ve seen them and you’ve seen them. People’s emotions go either up or down as they check their weight on the scales. Has this happened to YOU?


But weight-loss doesn’t always represent ‘fat-loss’. When you add curvaceous, sexy, calorie-burning muscle tone you might be surprised that the scales haven’t shifted. That’s because muscle is denser and weighs more than twice that of fat. So it can be a lot more inspiring to learn to appreciate the more important results you’ve achieved like;


  1. A happier mood. Regular exercise boosts your endorphins blessing you with what was originally termed, a runners high’.
  2. Everyday tasks get easier. Did you realise that you no longer puff walking up hills. That your ‘sustainable’ shopping bags seem easier to handle?
  3. You’re feeling more energetic. You haven’t been making those ‘I’m busy’ excuses when the kids ask you to kick the ball?
  4. Did you realise that getting up out of a chair is getting easier. Your knees no longer
  5. Looking in the mirror, it’s not the lighting; you actually so have more muscle definition!
  6. Your endurance is improving. You can do more in a day. You’re more productive. No longer tired at three o’clock.
  7. You just ‘feel’ stronger
  8. You are more ‘resilient’ than you used to be. Day to day issues no longer seem to be a big problem. You handle it. You bounce back.
  9. Your mind is clearer, sharper. You feel fresh and your thinking is keener.
  10. You’re craving less sugar. In fact, when you open the fridge you are more likely to ensure that the negative temptations aren’t even there.
  11. You’ve achieved a fitness goal. Six months ago you might not have imagined that you could have done what you have just accomplished.
  12. You digestion is more regular. Your healthier diet and the increased vegetables/ salads help you to feel lighter and more energetic.
  13. Your doctor now questions whether he should keep you on that medication.
  14. You have an enhanced sense of well-being.
  15. Your waist feels smaller. It IS smaller. Your shirts are loosening. You no longer have that very embarrassing ‘tyre’ that you used to try to hide.
  16. You seem to sleep like a log at night. And soon after you do wake up, you feel that flow energy
  17. Your attitude is much more positive. Others are not avoiding you anymore but showing more signs of wanting to be around you again.
  18. You have a healthy glow. Your partner mentions how good your ‘skin’ is looking. You’re looking YOUNGER!


You can see, it’s no longer all about the scales!

It’s about general wellness, feeling great and appreciating those around you. If you have yet to begin your 2019 journey to better health and well-being, please don’t hold back. Don’t waste another minute. Come see us and start your resolution plan TODAY!


Paul – Club Physical Coast, Birkenhead, Te Atatu and Kaitaia.



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