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Friends who need your help

When talking with a member who operates a pharmacy this week, I asked him how his business has been since the last lockdown. “Quite brisk” he replied. I asked if there have been any changes. He replied, “Actually we’ve noticed a huge increase in stress and depression medication”.

Then earlier this week our General Manager was chatting with a regular FLEX attendee, Cathy. She said “You know Tina, there are a lot of people I know who need to do this. I know people who are lonely, some have high blood pressure – others are struggling with their weight. Coming to the club would be great for them!”.

If you’re a regular attendee and you love to get your daily health fix like me, you are already sold. You know what’s it’s like to have a natural high. You’ve garnered the self-discipline and you actually feel something is seriously missing in your day if you haven’t worked out. A lot of your friends don’t know this. 85% of the population in fact. They actually need someone like YOU to bring them along – to give them a taste, and a motivator.

Regular exercise is the elixir to a long and healthy life. You know it. Let’s share it.

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