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You could look upon the situation we’re all in today as being challenging and exciting. None of us knows the outcome. And if you direct your mind-muscle to think positively, you will discover a series of solutions to keep you busy and forward-thinking. In the firey conversation of everyday Kiwis, whether it be on ZOOM sessions or across the fence, we now debate politics, decisions made, freedom taken away, business, AND global warming. Our minds have become enlivened, concerned with the world around us. This is a good thing. We all need to be involved.

Yet, it’s a mistake to assign ‘blame’. According to iconic trainer Brian Tracey, it’s ‘blaming others’ for our troubles that may cause most of our stress. And while a certain level of stress is right, preparing us for the game or the fight ahead, too much stress is not good for our health or our relationships. Brian says that we can avoid that stress by reciting to ourselves “I am responsible”. Usually, in doing so you will realize that yes, you can change the situation for yourself.

One decision that has now been made for us is that Club Physical (and all other gyms in New Zealand) must only allow vaccinated members entry. Yes, we do have a ‘Clayton’s Choice’ – stay unvaccinated and stay closed!

Which would YOU choose?

If you’ve remained up-to-date with the news, each of our customer-facing teams will also be required to be vaccinated. Once again, if you make the decision to ‘blame’ you will only cause yourself a lot of stress. We need each other and according to a close family member who is a charge nurse at Auckland Hospital – “the people most at risk are those unvaccinated”. An epidemiologist reported this week in the NZ Herald that vaccinated, when you get COVID it will be like having the Flu. Unvaccinated would be 20-40 times worse. So, surely, better to just do it and we can all get on with life!


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