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Time waits for no one’ was one of the earliest Rolling Stones hits, yet the timeless message holds true. Your time here is, within the scale of the universe, like a mist that appears for a while then vanishes. Make it count!

For a long time now I’ve been compelled to live my own life with a real sense of urgency. You never know whats around the corner. A mosque shooting, White Island, bush fires, a wildly spreading virus, Trump re-elected? Life is precious, that’s why the time and effort you invest in staying healthy is so valuable.

I’d like to inspire YOU today, no only to maximise your fitness, but to be your best in every area of life. Aim high. And with the ENERGY you’ll gain, seize every good opportunity. Be mentally sharp, physically strong and kind to those around you. You only get one chance. Make it count!


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