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Gone in 7 Seconds

Good health is a matter of choice



There are two major glaring opportunities that, when respected, can have the biggest positive impact on your health. They are ‘what you eat and how often you exercise’. While exercise serves to speed up your metabolism and enhance your well being, the quantity and selection of what you eat will normally be the difference between a lean body and an overweight body. Your food selection is a matter of both education and self-discipline. For example; For supper you could choose a glass of white wine that will add 200 calories to your food intake for the day, or you could have a cup of healthful green tea at only 2 calories.


Again you could have 100 grammes of potato chips at 547 calories or a full jacketed 100 grammes of potatoes at just 70 calories along with all the vitamins and minerals. Similarly, a cup of sugar and chemical laden ice-cream at 267 calories, or half that in a cup of unsweetened yogurt that also provides you with a healthy gut.


So about those high calorie choices that you and I sometimes make. Have you ever realised that we do it for the ‘taste’. We sabotage our weight control efforts and our health in an instant for a taste bud sensation that will be Gone, 7 seconds after it enters our mouth’. Think about it.

Jamie Oliver speaks about ‘food choices’ –




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