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Gorillas In The Mist, And Why?

When you come to the club you might get a slight shock to see three rather hairy faces staring at you. No, we not referring to Whitney, Tina and Brahm but this beautiful rain-forest Gorilla family of three.

You might be aware that Gorillas have now been-listed as an endangered species, due to habitat loss, poaching and other threats. The Cross River Gorilla in particular is classified as critically endangered.

You might also be aware that Club Physical is a supporter, of Animal Protector, in an ongoing effort to help make a difference in the volatile world of today. So, we thought we’d go the extra mile to both promote the cause and to enjoy the visual company of our jungle friends, at the club with this huge banner in the 30-Minute Circuit.

For those interested, Club Physical’s 2024 plan returns with an important charitable component as in the years before the lockdowns. The club will include a charitable cause, non-stop, changing every two months. Hi-lighted by our slogan, People, Planet, Purpose.

January-February: Books for all. Please see the lobby display, where many members are ‘paying-it-forward’ with books! Reading will train your ‘brain-muscle’
March-April: Fighting Human Trafficking via TEAR FUND
May-June: Animal Protector, helping animals at risk
July-August: LIFE Community Kitchens
Sept-Oct: World Vision – focus, enabling families to be more self-sufficient  
Nov-December: Salvation Army food drive

From March a proportion of each new membership will go to the charity listed. As a member, you will automatically help these causes each time you share the benefits of the positive changes you’ve made at the club with your friends. Together, we’re ALL making a difference!

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