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Just out of the shower and chatting with a member today he explained how good it was to be back into his workout routine. While each of us is different, generally can be recognized by one of four dominant personality styles. The extrovert, the determined leader, the details person, and the amiable who likes things predictable and regular.

No matter what your character trait and no matter how much you either enjoy or avoid ‘change’, your daily ‘workout’ will keep you emotionally grounded. With your muscles flushed, your brain sharp, and your lungs pumping well you can be guaranteed the mental calm that precedes every session.
This daily self-discipline, although predictable, allows you then to springboard into the many other adventures of life.

Never before has MENTAL HEALTH been so intrinsically linked to physical exercise among others.  It’s what we craved during the lockdown. Never before have we needed so much to be among others.  Make 2022 the year that you dig in and become grounded in this life-saving, immune-building lifestyle and together we will improve our world.

Featured pic: The crew after a wrestling session this week

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