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Group Discovers Healthy Habits Lead To A Longer Life!

Celebrating the completion of their ‘first’ twelve-weeks, participants on Club Physical’s 12-Week Transformation discovered that they now have something in common. Each of the Top Five pictured here has been able to REDUCE their ‘body-age’ by at least ONE YEAR!

From left is Donna (one year younger) Andrea (two years younger) Brian (three years younger) Paula (one year younger) Laura (one year younger and Tina, CP General Manager. Each received three high-tech EVOLT Body Scans during the programme.

The group believe that one of the secrets to getting results has been the group-workouts completed together. “I love the supportive friendship we’ve developed” says Laura …in fact, I intend to join the next ‘Transformation’ starting February 12th 2024!”.

Club Physical’s 12-Week Transformation aims to create and to reinforce long-term healthy lifestyle habits with exercise, healthy eating and positive attitude.

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