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Have you been down for the count?

When sticking to your fitness routine becomes a lifestyle habit, you get results and keep them. It gives you a noticeably higher level of motivation and makes you feel better about yourself. When I was new to the industry, I noticed that for some, especially new exercisers, it only takes a minor disruption, like an All Blacks game or a holiday weekend to cause you to lose that vital ‘rhythm’ and drop out; let alone the impact of lockdowns.

But like a boxer, with the referee counting to ten, you still have time to ‘Get up’ and live again. Auckland’s iconic Karate Black belt Jack Simms knew this only too well. You must get up again. Seven times down and eight times up was the title of his biography. As a baby, you learned to walk by falling down and getting up again. Similarly, a boxer isn’t disqualified because he gets knocked down; he’s disqualified because he doesn’t get back up.

Maybe you lost the pace of your routine. Don’t let this be a reason to quit. You’ve been knocked down but the ref hasn’t reached the number ten yet. It’s time to regain your health and your self-esteem. You are a WINNER, get up!

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