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Have You Ever Been To The Himalayas?

If you work-out in the mornings you’ve probably seen Vikash, he’s been a regular for a-number-of-years. But we missed his smiling face recently until he suddenly returned with the reason why. Vikash has been putting his fitness to the test in ‘The Himalayas!’.

“A few of us decided to take the challenge of trekking some pilgrimage sites in the city of Uttarakhand in India with the toughest being climbing Mount Kedarnath. Once completed, we decided to extend our trekking to the city of Haridwar, the home of Holy Ganges and further to the city of Calcutta where Holy Ganges meets with the Bay of Bengal.

We trekked to a village in India called Mana Village. Mana is the first Indian village from the border of India and Tibet/China in the Himalayas. It used to be regarded as the Last village but has now been re-labelled as the First. The 18 ancient Hindu texts called the Puranas are believed to be written in a cave in this village. We had the privilege to track to this cave.

It was extra challenging for me as before our departure, I had damaged my left knee in a game of soccer and to make it worse, I damaged it again as I was running to catch my flight at Auckland Airport. Before our first climb at Yamnotri, at an altitude of 3,293 metres in the Garhwal Himalayas, I had to nurse and tie up my knee. All the remaining sites had to be done in a similar manner. The air up there is amazingly fresh, and you don’t feel tired the next day. Miraculously, since my return to Auckland, I haven’t had a single pain in my knee. In our group of 10, the most elderly were aged 76 years and the youngest was 22.”

This is an adventure that many of us have never enjoyed. Next time you see Vikash in the club please be sure to tell him that you read his report.

NOW, how about sharing YOUR OWN adventures with the team?

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