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Have you experienced the magic of goal-setting?


Next time you visit the club it’s likely you’ll get asked the question, “Do you have a goal to achieve this year?” And if we can help you to define one, to clarify it, and to set a ‘completed by date’, this will boost your motivation, your sense of fulfillment, and even your self-esteem.  Importantly, you’ll be encouraged to place your goal in writing.  The power of a written goal with a deadline cannot be underestimated.  The action has a profound effect on your mind, almost like a magnetic compass, that will ‘magically’ set you on a path to make the outcome, reality.

Please do give thought to a goal you can define and one that will inspire you as we venture together into 2021. (pic – Birkenhead FLEX-ERS, New Year’s Eve 2020)


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