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He bled for the Benefits of Exercise


April 2016 Sydney, I had the privilege to attend an hour seminar by fitness industry legend, Paul Brown. Paul, a former competitive Aerobic Champion had operated his own gym in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. Paul, with his charismatic personality, later became an in-demand speaker at World-Wide industry events. Paul is one of the most passionate evangelists for wellness that I’ve ever met.

In this seminar Paul led into the numerous, well documented benefits of exercise. He spoke about our own commitment, our passion and the good that we could do for society as health club operators. He talked about fitness, about weight-loss, about longevity and of how we could help the population to leave their desks and couches for an hour a day.

As Paul moved towards the highlights of his seminar the volume of his voice raised significantly. You could see and feel his passion as the veins in his neck stood out. Paul began to list, one by one the numerous conditions, disabilities and diseases that could be avoided and cured WITHOUT DRUGS.  With a pen in his hand Paul’s voice got even louder as he began to punch-out the points with the audience fixated to every statement he made. Then at the climax of his speech Paul suddenly slammed his pen into his opposite hand with such force that it clearly pierced the skin and drew blood. He bled for the benefits of exercise!

From my front seat position I empathised with Paul as he quickly recovered from his surprise wound, as he tried to discretely wipe the blood as it oozed, as he chose to continue his seminar. His statement that day was clear, bold and strong.

Make exercise an exciting, not-negotiable discipline in your daily life. You will never look back. It will give you the priceless benefits, good health, an athletic body and a longer life. Yes, it IS something to get passionate about.


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