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Helping to Solve the ‘Shadow Pandemic’


It cannot be ignored. The term was coined in a New Zealand Herald feature last week asking political leaders what action they would take. Solutions to the last two years of strain on mental health are being debated. And if you were to ask a Policeman, they’ll be quick to agree that symptoms such as increased family violence are a telling point. It is far healthier not to be confined and isolated.

The gym offers balance, release, and time-out for pause and reflection. The positive community, people who know your name, the busy progressive atmosphere, inspiration by being among others, rapid drug-free stress relief, and mental calm. Many of these are internal benefits that are not as obvious as the increase in muscle strength, body shape, fitness, and weight loss that comes with it.

We know of at least one local New Zealand company that is struggling to draw its team back into the office. Perhaps people develop new habits and tend to become withdrawn? But it is hard to be inspired to excel with your fitness efforts at home. There’s no one around you to spur you on. An American study has shown that, once restrictions were lifted, millions began returning to clubs as purchasers of home-gym supplies dramatically decreased. Being part of a positive community is good for your soul. The feeling you get cannot be found in a drink, a drug, or a pill bottle. This is where you will always be welcome. It’s your OASIS.


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