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Here’s a radical way to think about 2020!


Welcome back for an extremely exciting and positive New Year!

Have you ever played Lego with your kids? CP member Scott Thornton spoke at LIFE NZ this week comparing ‘life’ to the thousands of pieces in a Lego set. When you scatter the pieces out on the table, they often make no sense. It’s hard to visualize the end game. But once you realize that every ‘thing’ and every ‘experience’ has a purpose – it can help propel and motivate you forward towards your goal.

Yes, you might need more patience. Patience is somewhat of a lost commodity these days. For example, did you know that there is even a company that builds your Lego for you, for those too impatient to do it themselves?

So the word today is to formulate your goal/s. Then don’t be knocked off track by the first hurdle that comes along. Realise, this is all part of life and learning. It’s a Lego piece. Persist and press-on.  Strengthen your faith muscle. Whether improving your fitness, building a family or developing a business, what you are doing is both valuable and unique…stick with it!


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