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Hot and Cold Therapy On Trend

If you’re a regular at the Te Atatu Club you will have noticed an increasing number of members making use of the Swedish Saunas and the Swimming Pool, all year round. And the fact that the pool is not artificially heated has become a drawcard. The buzz about hot and cold therapy is turning athletes worldwide into devotees. But there’s nothing new about ‘cold water and heat therapy’. The benefits have been enjoyed since Roman times.

Saunas are a great benefit to you as an athlete and those looking to boost their endurance. For years, coaches in Europe have encouraged their athletes to sauna after training. Scientists know the reason; the heat and mild dehydration trigger the release of the hormone erythropoietin (EPO), which actually encourages your body to create more blood cells. These blood cells carry more oxygen to your muscles when you work out, enabling you to use your muscles longer and harder!

Similarly, cold showers, perhaps ideal after a sauna, are shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve circulation, lower stress levels, and to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Cold showers or cold pool plunges have been used for centuries to take advantage of your body’s tendency to adapt to harsher conditions. As a result, your body becomes more resilient to stress. Cold showers have been shown to reduce some symptoms of depression and cause endorphins to be released in your body.

Hot and cold ‘therapy’ is increasingly used by athletes to reduce inflammation, to boost your mood, and improve muscle recovery. And it’s the opinion of the writer, that anyone who completes a workout several times a week, is an ATHLETE!

Pictured: Club Physical’s younger ‘Wrestling’ members and parents took advantage of a rare opportunity to utilise the club’s pool during celebrations last weekend.

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