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Hot-Cold Therapy, The Hot New Trend

Have you noticed how many Club Physical members have been taking short dips into the pool, during the wet and cold winter months? What they’ve been doing, whether they realise it or not, is enjoying the HOT new trend of ‘Contrast Therapy’. Taking in a hot sauna session, then switching to a quick cool-off in the pool.

Hot and cold therapy (Contrast Therapy), once reserved for athletes and injury recovery, is becoming a wellness trend. From ice-baths and cryotherapy to saunas, people are embracing temperature extremes for their potential health benefits. While the science behind these practices is still evolving, there is no denying the soothing and revitalising effects they offer.

Whether you’re seeking stress relief or muscle recovery, the hot and cold therapy trend will provide you with a holistic, refreshing and invigorating way to prioritise your self-care in today’s fast-paced world.

Exciting announcement – Club Physical will shortly be opening ‘The Recovery Room’ at its Te Atatu Club. This will include Luxury Massage Chairs, Ice-Bath and a high-quality Infra-Red Sauna. Access will be via an optional add-on to Athletes or Winner’s memberships. More info soon.

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