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How are you limiting your life?

How are you limiting your life?



Here are three challenging thoughts. The first thought is that YOU are capable of doing, achieving and being much more today than you ever felt possible. The only limits are in your own ‘thinking’.


Visiting Australian speaker Robert Fergusson said last week in Auckland, “The limits we place on ourselves are based on our past experiences, our current expectations, our own ‘thinking’ and our belief or lack of faith. If you don’t ‘expect’ an abundant life, the likelihood is that you will not have it.”


Three years ago I had the opportunity to chat with Kat Dawes. Kat has become world famous for her lifestyle and her speaking on what she terms ‘Nowissm’. She has a highly positive philosophy of believing in the maximising and appreciation of life, RIGHT NOW at the current time. Kat believes that golden opportunties are immediatley around the corner and that her needs will be provided for. Several years of travelling the world without pre-funding her journeys has proven this true enough. She has been gathering a tapestry of rich experiences that have only served to strengthen her resolve.


Others of us prefer to set plans and goals that are a little more concrete. Yet we limit the results by limiting our own expectations.


Motivational speaker Grant Cardone urges that we avoid setting goals that we know that we can achieve. Instead, he says, mutiply your goal by the power of TEN. Do this and your subconscious will work to find ways to achieve what you previously were unable to imagine.


So my question to you today is ‘How might you be limiting your own life?’.




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