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How BIG are your potatoes

Both real and imagined, the time we’re living in has presented each one of us with mental and physical challenges. Half of New Zealand’s businesses have been placed into survival mode, testing the resilience of their founders. And a portion of the population experienced what appeared to some as an unexpected ‘holiday’ during lock down. Many of the same actually increased their fitness finding that they had more time to ‘exercise’ along with their family. SPORTNZ concurs with it’s press release this week showing  concern that, now people have returned to work, their level of physical activity has fallen. Yes, the constant uncertainty of today has caused stress. Things can be so unexpected that a simple gust of wind can close our harbour bridge.

This is a time when the going can get tough, but it’s an opportunity for the tough to get going!  It’s a time to muster up your positivity. If you begin thinking your best days are over – they are. If you think your best days are ahead – they are! This is the ideal time to build your fitness, your strength and to engage with like-minded positive, resilient people. The kind you meet at the club.

When harvesting potatoes, Idaho farmers would sort them according to  size; small, medium and large. However one farmer didn’t follow this routine and he earned a greater income than all the others. A curious neighbour asked “What’s the secret?”.  He replied “It’s simple. I load my Chevy and take the roughest road to town. On the road the small potatoes fall to the bottom. The medium ones settle in the middle. And the big potatoes rise to the top.  The same is true of people. On the bumpy road of life, BIG potatoes rise to the top.  So, how BIG are your potatoes?

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