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How Good Is Your Vision?

AMBUSH, who train rigorously at the club had a very clear goal.

‘To qualify at the New Zealand HIP HOP Championship to enter ‘the World Championship’ in USA, late July.

Last Saturday night they achieved this as the runner-up New Zealand Champs!

It is said that a man (or woman) without a vision and a goal is like a ship without a rudder.
Tina and I regularly work backwards when there’s an event, a meeting, or a deadline that we need to meet. You know the outcome, the time, and the date. So, you then discuss what needs to happen to get you there?

It could be a great idea to treat your health and fitness goal the same way. First decide on where you want to be, by what date. Then establish what you need to do to get there. Could it be that simple? Why not? Visualise the type of changes you want to make and work-out what actions you then need to take, daily, weekly, monthly to achieve your target. If you are unsure of your strategy, come and have a chat to our team. Of course, YOU could get even more deliberate and enlist a Personal Trainer to help you to be accountable to your goal and to devise a realistic plan for you. That alone would be a massive step in the affirmative direction.

Do you suffer from defeatism? Are you the biggest saboteur of your own goals? Maybe the first thing you need to do is to work on your attitude?

Famous psychologist William James admitted ‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes!’. Further the Bible states ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he’. Do you see the point?

If you feel this message is for you, come in and have a chat.

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