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How little we know


Earthrise: This picture of the Earth taken from the moon was featured on the 24th December in the NZ Herald. The associated article described our planet as being ‘lonely and fragile’, highlighted by the immense, never ending ‘blackness’ around it……..

So I’d like to challenge you today. You and I live in the age of the internet and where information and technology appear to be Kings. We’ve achieved startling scientific breakthroughs and certainly have volumes more discoveries to come.

We have an estimated fifteen million doctors and an estimated ten million full-time scientific researchers in the World. And yet, with all of our apparent sophistication we are unable to cure someone with a ‘terminal illness’.

Even more puzzling, while you and I charge around committed to the importance of our daily living, I invite you to stop for a second and look up. Do you know what is above you? If you were to fire a rocket in a direct straight line into space, out of our solar system, beyond our Universe, beyond our galaxy, when would it come to an end? And if it did come to an end, everything we know and understand tells us that there would have to be something on the other side?

My suggestion today is that although we succeed and we prosper with the tools that we have at hand, we actually know very little about the miracle’s that placed us here. But we do know that the Earth is fragile. And if you have studied biology at school you will know just a little about the miracle of the cells of plants and of our own bodies. Yes, there is allot more to be learned. Care for your body. Breathe in deeply the oxygen we have been provided. Eat what nature has provided naturally. Use your muscles and exercise what you have been given. And do care for our planet as if it were yourself. Stay curious.



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