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How Much Are YOU Putting In?

Most people only put 40% effort into any particular goal, endeavor, workout, or sport.

This is according to US Navy Seal legend, David Goggin’s. I was fortunate to be gifted his book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by my daughter Renee at Christmas.

Goggin’s initially, who endured an unbelievably tough childhood decided to whittle his body down from a whopping 300 pounds to below 200 for entry into Hell Week, his first task on the way to becoming an elite Navy Seal. North Shore Chiropractor and Rugby Coach Geoff Alley first alerted me to the book in December. He said he had found that a short read is all that was required to amp him up ready to achieve an outstanding gym session.

Since the introduction of MYZONE at the club its been fascinating for those who are participating to be able to see exactly the effort each is putting in. Most have found that they can indeed do more, which of course immediately translates into better results and greater satisfaction.

Maybe Goggin’s is right?

Have YOU been unconsciously holding back?

Watch this!

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