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How Much Is A Day Worth To You?

What about the value of ‘a moment’? There are a handful of moments in my life that have been precious and priceless. In one quick recollection, my son and I had been racing one another on our mountain bikes around Hobsonville Point. That was before it looks like it does today. Having just returned home and covered in sweat, I sliced open a watermelon and stood on our landing in the late afternoon sun. Overlooking the five-hundred Mandarin Trees we had earlier planted, I marvelled at the simplicity of that peaceful setting and how purely wonderful nature’s amazing watermelon tasted. At that moment, I couldn’t have wanted or needed anything else in life. It was perfect. In total, that memory was around sixty minutes. But one that will last a lifetime.

Can YOU think of a moment, a memory that you wouldn’t trade for the world? How about a ‘day’ that you remember being perfect in every way?  What if someone were to try and take that moment, that day, away from you? I think you might agree that these experiences cannot be taken, removed or purchased at any price?

Now consider the value of YOUR life for a ‘day’. A lot can be packed in to one-day. A single day can be full of special moments.

As a regular exerciser, you are extending this opportunity, not only by ‘moments’, not only by ‘days,’ but by YEARS!

As a regular exerciser you can conceivably be extending your life by more than TEN ‘ACTIVE’ YEARS…or 3650 days!

A 2022 HARVARD Study said that even the absolute minimum of just 15 minutes of exercise daily could extend your life by THREE YEARS!

Now consider again that special memorable time in your life. The moments you thought were ‘perfect’. Surely, you want the opportunity to enjoy many more of these. That’s the value of daily exercise. A small investment of your time to reap a very BIG reward. Keep it up!

Here’s what HARVARD say –

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