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How much is your life worth


If you don’t have your life, you have NOTHING. And certainly your treasured friends and family would miss you if you weren’t around. Then what about those goals and aspirations, things you would have loved to have achieved? Forget all that without your LIFE!

It’s interesting where people place their priorities. Take smoking as an example. SmokeFreeNZ reported that in 2022 the ‘average’ packet a day smoker would spend an incredible $238 a week on the habit. Now, this is a habit that has a 50% chance of taking your life! Not only that, it’s proven that a smoker negatively impacts the health of their ‘treasured’ family around them. It’s hard to understand. I attended the funeral to support one of our members whose wife was one such person. Despite his pleading, she wouldn’t stop. She then got lung cancer and now he is a solo dad.

But this is just an example that questions what you’re spending your money on that you might well do without? This verses the ‘VALUE’ of having a membership that will instead extend your life, help you to sleep better, eliminate stress, reinforce your mental health, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your muscles and bones, reduce your waist and offer you peer support AND a third place.  A Life-Saver membership is only $15 a week. You have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in gym equipment, a variety of facilities, a motivating atmosphere, saunas, and showers. There is ALWAYS someone on-hand to welcome you, AND you can attend seven days a week.

We’ve all heard how costs are rising and that some families are struggling. Yet is it strange that SmokeFreeNZ also reports that an adult in the most socio-economically deprived areas is over SEVEN TIMES more likely to be a daily smoker? Regular DAILY exercise is your BEST health insurance. And if you cannot afford the minimum of $15 weekly to be a Club Physical member, well, it will cost you nothing to go for a walk.


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