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How often should you rest?

Every day we see hundreds of highly motivated ‘athletes’ visit the gym. If you are a regular, you are to be congratulated for having overcome the barriers to working out. In fact, now you feel that something is missing, physically and emotionally when you don’t exercise. You have become used to the healthy and natural endorphin high. Indeed physiologists and leaders in health recommend we exercise MOST days of the week.

But now that we are all jumping around with drive and intentionality we need to realize that RECOVERY also needs to be part of the total health picture. After all, it takes great energy and effort to maximize your workouts. In a similar way, you might need to be reminded to be strategic about your recovery.

Here are seven easy-to-do ideas;

  1. Replace lost fluids. This will boost your recovery.
  2. Prioritize recovery foods within 60 minutes of your session. Include high-quality protein and carbohydrates.
  3. Rest and relax to utilize your body’s amazing capacity to take care of itself.
  4. Stretch it out. It’s a simple and fast way to help your muscles recover.
  5. Perform active recoveries like a brisk walk or bike ride.
  6. Get a massage or try self-massage with a foam roller
  7. Try an ice bath. Athletes now swear by these OR alternating hot, then cold showers

Make ‘recovery’ part of your weekly fitness routine and enjoy, injury-free abundant health for many years to come!

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