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How to boost your Brain Power

Have you believed that your brain power begins to decrease when you hit your 20s? It’s true that some of us begin to get ‘brain lazy’ as the years advance, but new research has proven that you can positively develop your brain at ‘any age’.
Working out itself has a marvelous impact on your brain including decreasing stress and social anxiety, improving emotional processing, preventing neurological conditions, increasing energy, focus, and attention, and more.

Last week in Sydney we spoke to Todd Sampson who along with his team, researched how you can propel your ‘ordinary brain’ to ‘extraordinary’. And the secret is to get ‘out of your comfort zone.  YOU could accomplish this by attending the local Club Physical founded Toastmasters Clubs, by speaking to a group? Or perhaps by attending your first GROUPX or X45 class at the gym? For some, merely stepping into the gym is already out of your comfort zone?

Our friend Todd Sampson didn’t settle for anything so easy or straightforward. He decided to tackle one of the World’s trickiest rock climbs – a tower of stone called ‘Ancient Art’ in South-East Utah, USA while blindfolded.

Watch these: Video One and Video Two


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