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How To Express Your Love For Others

You might agree that it’s a crazy World out there. Just before writing today, I heard news of Israelis and Palestinians killing each other tit for tat, Russians laying thousands of landmines that will be a threat to the lives of others well beyond the war. Mass shootings in three states of USA, corruption scandals, floods, fires earthquakes and global warming. An arrested ‘Trump’ expecting to still become President, challenging interest rates and both the excitement and the fear that AI could take over the World. Never has there been a greater need for the respect and love for others.

The ‘Word of the Day’ this week stated that love is something you do instead of something your feel. So how do you express your love? It could be that a son drives for five hours to be with his mum on her birthday. A friend mentions a book he is interested in; his friend remembers and finds a copy to give him for no visible reason. A middle-aged couple in a restaurant see a young husband and wife with little money and secretly pay their bill. A dad knows how much his daughter likes having a clean car and sneaks out to wash it for her by surprise. Members with MYZONE take the time to encourage others in the group App, especially those who are new.

New Zealand property tycoon Oliver Newland once wrote that the secret to a good investment is Location, Location and Location. Similarly, the three laws of relationship are ‘Observation, Observation, Observation’. The people who give us life are people who NOTICE us. They know what we love and fear. When we work to truly notice someone else, our love for them grows.

At Club Physical we love to see members welcome, shake-hands and embrace one-another. Yes, it’s an extremely ‘challenging world’ at the moment, but there are equally massive opportunities, new adventures and relationships to be built. Let’s work to reinforce one-another with love, and forge ahead together.

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