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How to pick a Winner


“It’s never, what other people ‘think’ about you that counts. Its’ what YOU think about yourself”. Speaking to a large group of leaders in Auckland in February Dr Michael Madden said that there are millions of ideas just waiting to be discovered. Madden urged the audience to “Escape the smallness in your thinking. Stretch out. Release your creativity.  Your imagination will show you the future”.

Coach Wayne Bennett then shared the seven labels of Winners; (1) Winners are ‘prepared’ to act (2) Winners understand that they have been ‘positioned’ alongside others to help them succeed (3) Winners have a heart-felt purpose  (4) Winners are propellers – they know that for the team to win requires total engagement (5) Winners are pliable – they have the ability to adapt quickly (6) Winners persevere; They are committed to victory despite the obstacles (7) Winners are ‘producers’ – you can see the ‘fruit’ in the end result.

Want to be a ‘Winner?’ Be resilient and stay true to your goals this week. Start recognising your own creativity and begin to dream again!


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