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How to start a conversation

‘You belong’ has been the bi-line of Club Physical for over twenty five years. A vital part of ‘Belonging’ is that you know people, and that people know you. You joined the club to be among others, so how are you doing so far? Have you made the effort to get to know those you see training near you almost every time you come? By taking an interest in others, you could even make their day! 

But sometimes, as much as we would like to say a friendly “hi”, some of us get stuck at the starting gate. 

To help you get underway, here are seven ideas for starting a conversation;

  1. Note that ‘we’re in this together’. Shared experiences can quickly soften the edge and get communication going
  2. Ask for help or information
  3. Look for common ground
  4. Notice something nice
  5. Pay a compliment
  6. Ask an opinion
  7. Offer help

Remember, coming to the club will be a whole lot more enjoyable surrounded by friends who know your name. So come-on, say something, YOU might even ‘make their day’!

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