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How to understand others


Why are some people so tedious? They ask a thousand questions before taking action while others ‘just do it’. When you look at a group photo, where do you gravitate to first? Is it yourself? Poet John Albert Holmes said “It’s well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception is composed of others.”

With the combination of thoughts like these juggling through your mind it is well to realize that, life is not all about YOU. In fact, while you and I each seek to be happy in life, writer Bob Gass has discovered through his extensive studies of human relations that ‘the degree to which you are helpful is the degree to which you are happy – it’s that simple’.

It helps then for us each to understand that those members who ask a thousand questions, who appear to need to know every reason, angle and breath to be taken with a particular exercise, are simply ‘detail’ oriented people. Often, in society these people will be the accountants in the team. Whereas those who charge in, focused, determined and self-motivated are often the managers of businesses.  Then you have the bubbly enthusiasts who always know someone else. These people will spend a fair amount of workout time saying ‘Hi’ to their friends. Often, these people will become tour leaders, GROUP exercise instructors or perhaps sales people. While another dominant group like to maintain their routine. They prefer to know where things are and enjoy a degree of stability in their lives. Often these people are receptionists, teachers, nurses or caregivers.

Yes, it does help to remember that the reason YOU like coming to the club is that there are ‘others’ all around you. And it helps to know that each of those around you is just as concerned about life, but is likely to see things slightly different to you, according to the make-up of their own personality style.



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