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I can’t wait till I’m a teenager



When you’re small, those bigger than you seem to have it all. They have their own car – go out with their friends, bigger muscles, stronger bodies and the girls get to wear pretty make-up. But when you get to be a teenager, you can’t wait till you actually leave school, get a job, be independent.

Then you can’t wait until you meet a guy, a girl, to walk hand-in-hand, to go flatting, to have your own job, to leave your job, to go ‘overseas’, to return home. To start your own business, to at least break-even, to have less worries, to get married. You cant wait until you have your own kids, until your baby can sleep the whole night, until they go to school. You can’t wait until they play soccer, until that holiday.

Your health begins to suffer. Your back is aching, your knees are sore and you hope you’ll feel better next week. You’re embarrassed about wearing your summer clothes, you go on a ‘diet’ and cant wait until everything’s OK.  You can’t wait until your kids can fend for themselves.  The suddenly it seems they no longer need you to take them to ‘practice’. You’re sad. You can’t wait to feel healthier. You cant wait to retire. And you do.

Then sitting one day, reflecting on life, the years have all passed so fast. One day you had children dependent on you. But you weren’t always present with them. You were busy in thought of an imaginary future. You dreamed of the days to come when all would be perfect, you couldn’t wait until that time had begun.

Yet life drifted by, in the blink of an eye when considered there is only one HERE and NOW.

Yes, TODAY is the day you had been wishing would come. Today is the day, to LOVE what you do. TODAY is the day to tackle your health, to make that move, to get up and start running. Today is the day, to seize your partners hand, to show all your love and to appreciate the time HERE and NOW.

Once all you wanted was life to speed up. Things would be perfect when you became, a teenager.

Take charge and DO IT NOW!


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