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If you could ‘buy’ good health, what value would you place on it?


Your answer will be influenced largely by your age and your current status. You could be a carefree teen or be suffering stage 4 cancer. In the case of the former, if you had the chance you would possibly trade your house to be alive for another year. If your activity is compromised by the need for insulin, asthma inhalant or you suffer daily embarrassment at the size of your stomach, the value you would place an improvement could also be high.

Club Physical General Manager – Tina chatted quietly with a guy who was interested in joining but who also complained about the weekly fee. Then, noticing a suspicious bulge in the man’s upper shirt pocket Tina tactfully asked “Do you mind me asking, is that cigarettes in your pocket?”. The man replied “Yes”. “How much does that cost you a week?” The man replied, “Usually around $70”. The man immediately saw the comparison – $70 weekly for a serious health risk or less than $20 for health improvement. It was a matter of values; one that he hadn’t considered before.

Some people debate membership fees while thinking it nothing to spend double the amount on a box of Steinlager Beer. Yet for the cost of say, four coffees a week you have full access to the means, the variety, encouragement, inspiration, camaraderie to be able to belong to and frequent a club that could likely add years to your life!


Pic: Turning lemons into lemonade Tina seized the moment during last week’s fire alarm to capture this great shot.


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