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In just 5 seconds YOU can smash procrastination

Has anyone shared with you – the five-second rule’?  Give it a go and take it seriously and your life will never be the same – that’s a promise!

Some time ago Mel Robins was a burned-out couch potato. Her husband’s restaurant crashed and burned and Mel spent half the day in bed, waking up to the next alcoholic drink. She was out of work and going backward, fast. Mel had zero motivation. No get up and go. Then one morning she turned the TV on in her bedroom and saw a rocket launching at NASA. For some reason, the count-down stuck firmly in her mind.

The very next morning when Mel awoke she recalled the count-down, 5-4-3-2-1. As it repeated in her mind she got up. Then she wondered, since she was up, she might as well do something positive. Mel continued to rise at the subconscious 5-4-3-2-1 each morning realizing that this laughingly simple method was making a difference in her life. She began repeating the five-second count-down with decisions that she made throughout her day.  She decided to apply for a job. Although anxious, using this ‘Five-Second Rule’ she began counting down 5-4-3-2-1 then dialling the number.

Within a month Mel had a job and, continuing to use the ‘Five-Second Rule’ she had discovered, she was fairly quickly promoted to the position of television interviewer.

Mel says you and I could use the Five Second Rule to conquer ALL procrastination in our lives. Try it. Tomorrow when you wake-up, do the five-second count-down and get up.  That phone call that you’ve been putting off, use the Five-Second Rule, pick up the phone, and dial. That person at the gym you wanted to speak to, use the Five Second Rule and make your move. That ‘workout’ that you said you were going to start, do the Five-Second Rule, grab your gym-bag (and workout towel), and head to the club. Remember how you always glimpse in the YOGA class and ‘think’ that you should one-day join in? Try the Five Second Rule. Mel Robbins says “this rule enables you to move from thought to action. What if you become an expert in it?”

Just think about the hundreds of decisions, large and small that you make or procrastinate about each day. What if YOU became an expert in the Five Second Rule. We guarantee this is an idea that will change your life – Try it!

In 2018 Tina and I sat in a San Diego audience listening to this remarkable lady, Mel Robbins – Here she is in a recent ‘down to earth’ interview:



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