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Is life in the too-hard basket? “Persistence overcomes resistance”

Your expanding waistline might be the trigger that originally propelled you into the gym. Indeed that is one of the most common motivations. But you soon find that the process isn’t ‘instant’ and you will often need to overcome the resistance of your mind. There is a saying that ‘anything worthwhile achieving in life requires effort’, and that’s true with physical activity, movement, and that word ‘exercise’.

ALL progress starts will a battle of the mind. Every time you conquer that feeling of laziness, self-doubt, and excuses, you strengthen your attitude. You become closer to developing a habit of achievement and success. For some, it’s a matter of developing a ‘Positive attitude’. For others, it is a matter of faith.

Paul de Jong, member of Club Physical and Lead Pastor of LIFE in Auckland teaches that “Persistence overcomes resistance”. He’s experienced his share of battles so he’s an authority. In fact, just a few weeks ago Paul was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. And while he is still in the fight, Paul last week shared (here) that there is no longer any sight of cancer in his brain. Paul’s speech, just last weekend, may inspire you. His talk starts 25 minutes into this session at LIFE.

Watch Paul HERE

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