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It helps to know where you’re going

As a teenager there’s no denying that there is extra pressure to know what you want to do in life. The hurdle is, as a teen you have very limited life experiences with which to have a strong opinion. Often, the courses and direction we choose to take at school are channeled to the passion of our parents, and not ourselves. But as soon as your career flows in line with your ‘passion’ you will begin to enjoy success. As Napoleon Hill implied in his famous book, Think and grow rich – choose a career path that is so satisfying and compelling, being paid is a far lesser priority’….instead a welcome bonus for working with your passion!

Finally, after years of self-doubt and wrestling with our own direction, Tina and I are forming a VISION that has made the future direction of Club Physical ever clearer with three focuses.

Firstly, we do love the industry, the positivity and the fact that regular exercise does cause each one of you to be able to live life in a higher gear. Fitter, stronger, healthier, more capable, mentally agile, happier people. Our aim and commitment is to provide clubs that are very different to others and to give you ‘the best value in town’. After all, there is nothing like a real Health Club.

Secondly, Global warming and sustainability have become major issues. Club Physical is reaching for the ways and means that it can have a positive influence and impact. The fit-out of the newest location – Coast, has been completed with sustainability as a goal.

Not least, beyond the walls of our clubs we seek to make a positive impact in a small selection of Global and local issues. One of these to be highlighted again this month, Human Trafficking. For a while now, I have been ‘seeing’ Club Physical as a powerful, focused ENGINE, making a difference in this World.

Special THANKS to YOU for being a central character in this journey.


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