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It’s a Big Plus for the direction of the club


There’s no denying that Club Physical’s decision to throw it’s weight behind a drive to make ‘every-day’ people a lot more aware that they are very welcome at the club will be a popular one.  Over the years ‘GYMS’ have done a very good job at segmenting the population to the point that some of the people who need it most are too intimidated to go.

Gyms across the country do a great job of catering for 12% of the already active.

Others are holding back, afraid or reluctant to make the move. In fact we’ve heard some say “I’ll lose a bit of weight first, then I’ll come”.  Gyms across the globe have consistently featured trim, toned, buff and oiled up models to market their brands – ‘be somebody’ they say.  I met one lady who, although she really wanted to make a start, couldn’t bring herself to come any further than the car-park over a period of nine months.

Together you and I can change this. Club Physical is becoming more of a ‘Health Club’ than a ‘Gym’. A place where your mother, your uncle, your bother, your sister knows that they wont be judged, and that there will be lots of other everyday people, just like them. Because, lets face it, everyone will benefit by exercise, or by ‘movement’. And at this time in society, where manual labor is becoming a rarity, we all need it more than ever – rich or poor, big or small, young and older. (no one likes to be referred to as ‘old’)

As Amanda Hunter commented on our ‘Nike Plus-sized mannequin’ post in the CP Facebook, “They aren’t selling obesity. They’re selling positivity, encouragement and support….”

Welcome to the updated Club Physical.



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