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It’s a time to change priorities


Almost everyone I have spoken to says that they loved the family time, and the change of pace during the lock down – despite the lack of income.

Could it be true that the World is shouting at us “IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!” Our values have been swallowed up with the apparent and non-stop need for explosive growth. And the Earth is now paying the price for a growth, sales and manufacturing at all costs mind-set, without thought of how it might impact the future.

Perhaps more energy needs to go into VALUE rather than QUANTITY?

While many have heard the shout and we’ve at least reduced plastic bags, our actions haven’t been enough to change the flow. So the World shouted again and gave us a virus to stop the flow, to clear the sky, clear the water, regenerate the fish and our family values. As if to drive home the message, the essence of life – our drinking water, is also now under threat as highlighted by a $20,000 fine if we’re caught washing our cars.

We need to embrace a new way of thinking about our businesses, our lives and our planet; To think again about sustainable agriculture – ‘on the 7th year the field shall lie fallow’…. and to embrace the ‘circular economy’. Ask the question ‘If I make this product, will the material able to be used when it passes it’s used by date?’

And of course the ultimate – your health. In all of your haste, how often have you compromised your daily workout? Now is about value, priority, regeneration, rejuvenation, a healthy planet and a healthy body. What message is the World telling you today?


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