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Just How Old Are YOU Really?

Discover your true age, this Wednesday!  

Have you ever been amazed by how much you’ve done in a day? We all have a limited life-span on Earth, but if you were to live a single day more, let alone a year, the experience would be priceless wouldn’t it. You may or may not realise that, as-a-result of your regular exercise efforts, you have simultaneously been extending your life! And if you keep this up, the extra years will be happy, independent, mobile years. It’s far less likely you will be inflicted with the impact of debilitating disease, lack-of-balance, brain disfunctions, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and many more disabilities. And it’s allot more likely that those extra years will be fulfilling ACTIVE years

Even though you might work out regularly, you might wonder if this has indeed slowed your aging process? Yes, your friends and family might have commented on how fit you look, but wouldn’t it be nice to know just how much impact you have had, a little more scientifically?  

NOW YOU CAN! This week you can book in for the EVOLT BODY SCAN. This incredible technology will not only let you know your actual BODY AGE, but you will be able to source many other vital stats about your body. Maybe this is yet another opportunity to inspire yourself or to compete with your mates? You could find out your stats and then set a goal to change before a future BODY SCAN date?  

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