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Kids have always been first


Since the gym started Kids have been a cornerstone of Club Physical. Chloe (29) and now managing the Coast club was learning to share and to socialise in the Kids Club at just one week old. Brahm (pictured left, with his Soy Milk) and Renee (middle) followed suit.  And for interest, on the right was Shari-Lee Swanson, daughter of our Tae Kwon Do instructor, Phil.

As all couples know, having a new baby is a challenging time for a number of reasons. Changes of lifestyle, sleep patterns, the recovery of muscle tone and fitness, mentally and even financially. That’s why the club has determinedly stuck with the concept of providing for under five year olds, even though most other facilities no longer believe it profits them to do so.

Often parents struggle with missing their ‘time-out’ and the Kids Club allows for this. For mum, the subsequent workouts can strengthen and tone the abs, boost energy, help prevent postnatal depression, promote better sleep, relieve stress and lose weight gained.

And now with the new Winner’s Plus One membership almost all couples will easily afford to be members. The Kids Club will remain a vital service at Club Physical.


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