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Have you ever stood still in the gym and quietly reflected with fascination about how people use these machines to change their shape? Or perhaps you have had the experience, like me, of meeting an old school-mate in later years, only to be amazed that they have been able to change their shape? Admittedly this can happen in two extremes. By overeating or drinking, or by working out.

We really do have full command over our future health and the way we look. Yet, to remain in shape is a life-long quest. Lasting change requires lasting self-discipline and regular exercise. A lifestyle choice. A lifestyle investment.

Have you noticed another change that many are making to their bodies at present is tattooing. It’s a clear trend. Years ago I didn’t give too much thought to the tattoos I personally had drilled into my skin. Being young and boisterous I simply believed I would always be and think the same. But, those who are a little older will know through experience that your mind, your tastes, your interests and your attitude about the things of life CHANGE as you mature.

Regardless of what you may do or think about life twenty years from now, the changes you’ve made to your skin are permanent and not always convenient for the lifestyle you may have chosen. Just something to consider if you are making this type of decision.

Weight-loss isn’t as easy as getting a tattoo. To start with you have to muster up a tonne of self-discipline and mental tenacity to achieve lasting results. But it will happen largely through changing your eating and through exercise. Then to ‘maintain’ this change, making exercise a habit is all the more important. For lasting change, stay consistent.



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