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Laughter is good medicine

One thing I love to hear when entering the gym is laughter. It immediately tells me that this is a good place, where people bounce off one another and get along. Good team morale releases easy laughter easily.

And as far as your health goes, even the Bible advises ‘A joyful heart is Good Medicine’. The Dali Lama admitted when asked why he found it easy to laugh, ‘I have been confronted with many difficulties throughout the course of my life, and my country is going through a critical period. But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious. When people ask me how I find the strength to laugh now, I reply that I am a professional laugher’.

Laughter is like changing a baby’s nappy. It doesn’t permanently solve the problem, but it makes things more acceptable for a while. Experts confirm that laughter will BOOST your immune system, enhance your memory and learning ability, relieve tension, slow your pulse rate and blood pressure, release endorphins that reduce pain, decrease anxiety and stress, put others at ease and bring unity. With all those benefits it would pay us to spend more time looking at the funny side of life.

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