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Learning to adapt

Learning to adapt



Much of our failures in life will be due to our failure to negotiate ‘transitions’. And when you think about it, no matter how much you might not want to change, transitions are often unavoidable. From an early age we learn to adapt to the four seasons of the year. As we grow older we either need to exercise smarter with more regularity and greater determination, or we relax on the couch and then need to adapt to increasingly limited body functions. Enterprenuers are classic ‘adapters’ who see opportunities where others do not. They negotiate and persist through transitions. When they succeed in business, others might call them ‘lucky’ but they have learned the skill and discipline of negotiating transitions.


There are some who give up exercise because a limb or a body part is injured. And there are others who refuse to lie down and simply adapt to the change and find alternative ways to exercise. You might spot them as they arrive at the gym with crutches.


In all of the challenges and the changes that come upon our lives, you and I have the opportunity to grow. This will simply depend on the way you decide to think about the situation. Will you look downward and dwell on the ‘valley’ before you, or will you reach upward and aim for the ‘horizon’? Common, adapt, get out of your comfort zone and stretch-out for the way forward.


If you have any doubts about your ability today, please watch this short video:



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