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Leaving your cocoon


Do you remember Border’s Bookshop near the Civic downtown? Our entire family would be excited to go there on a Saturday night, to be among people, browse through books, buy one or two and to spend some time discussing the things of life in the Borders café.  Border’s is now gone. It’s so easy to order your books on-line without ever seeing a real person.

The friendly girl at the supermarket checkout has disappeared while we learn to scan our food ourselves. And now you can order your groceries on-line and have them delivered. No need to leave the home to eat out when Uber Eats can deliver to your door.

Fifteen years ago, futurist Faith Popcorn warned of the trend she called ‘cocooning’. Technology, and societal changes would lead to people spending allot more time within the four walls of their homes. Faith was keynote speaker at the International Health Club Convention at the time.  Cocooning was again featured by Joanna Mathers in the May 6th 2019 NZ Herald.

Friend, take care to avoid fully cocooning your life. YOU need others and others need YOU.  Make the effort to get out, to join groups and to come to Club Physical. And when you do, why not stretch out beyond your comfort zone and say ‘Hi’ to the person beside you?

Here are the results of a fascinating 75 year-long study about human relations…  Ted Talk


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