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You’ve wanted this for so long; To not feel so tired. To have more energy. To lose that spare tire. In fact, you crave those results so badly. But then like hidden assassins, the ‘what-ifs’ creep in. What if I look stupid? What if I can’t keep up? What if I quit after a week?

That’s where GROUP X kicks in. Once you make the move to come in, you’ll quickly find there are plenty of others just like YOU. They’re not looking at you, they’re watching the Presenter show the next move. Before you know it, you will quickly become one of the team – each with similar goals – to gain energy, get fit, sleep better, lose weight, gain muscle tone and self-esteem. You might even make some new friends and find yourself saying “See you in the sauna” or “See you at the next session”.

An interesting usage study completed of Club Physical members found that those who attended GROUP X or who regularly met with a Personal Trainer enjoyed TWICE the exercise adherence as members who exercised alone.
Why is that? Because the whole event becomes FUN as you begin to love the exercise ‘high’ that comes with it.

There can be no doubt, that it would benefit from the motivation, GROUP X will get you there!

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