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Life wasn’t meant to be easy

From the moment of your first breath, you’ve had to fight to survive. The plan for your life wasn’t meant to be a walk-in-the-park. Instead, the plan involved dealing with problems and overcoming challenges. That’s how your character is developed. The mark of a successful person is his or her ability to see problems as ‘opportunities’ instead of obstacles. The most vital lessons take place, not when you celebrate the good times, but when you persist and grow from the tough ones.

Improving your health, strengthening your immune system, becoming fitter, stronger, and more agile are wonderful lessons in developing your character. Each one of us struggles against distractions, self-doubt, perceived ‘tiredness’, and prioritizing the time needed to visit the gym to boost our health. The same lessons learned in achieving this will be valuable in any pursuit you have in life.

THANKYOU – Club Physical wishes to offer ALL members a BIG ‘THANKYOU’ for your support during the recent lockdown. While we agree with the firm cautionary approach taken by Government to control any outbreak, Club Physical and numerous other businesses continue in most cases to be liable for full operating costs. Your loyalty is integral to ensuring Club Physical remains resilient for YOU.


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