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In the gripping true account of the life of American Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini, we were taken to the crash-landing of their plane. Marooned on two life-rafts without food for more than a month and often encircled by sharks we saw the diversity in thinking. While the others strived to stay positive, one of the airmen immediately thought negatively – “We’re going to die here. No one will ever find us. This is the end”. Meanwhile Louis the Olympian fought to think of what he ‘could’ do and reminded the team of the great memories they had.
The negative thinking man didn’t survive. Louis and his friend went on to experience unbelievable brutality in a prisoner of war camp but survived to experience a life of freedom.

So, your challenge today is to utilize this time to think, plan, read, learn, innovate, rejuvenate, refresh, and love and appreciate the friends and family you have.



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